Sunday, 20 May 2018

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Dear friends, today, the 5th of August 2010, at 5.15 pm, we’ve become 300.000. Useless to check it out now, because for sure the number is already different, it’s growing every minute, I can’t really keep up with you, guys. I’m talking about my, or better to say our Facebook page (the link is at the bottom of this website homepage).

So, since 5.15 pm I’ve been thinking how to celebrate this number, how to thank you and how to compensate for the attention and affection that you follow me with. I could have sent 300 thousands sms, but I didn’t have all your numbers, otherwise.

I could have sent 300 thousands e mails. But, better not, they are not personal enough. And then, who knows, they might end up in spam!!!

That’s why I told myself to think about it after the match against Shamrock Rovers, surely something would come to my mind. Then I entered the fray at the 45th minute and just some minutes later, to be exact, 19 minutes later, while I was getting ready for a free kick, from a 30 meters distance ( I think ), I had an idea. Oh yes, a great idea: in those few seconds before the kick, you know, when the goalie adjusts the defense, the referee checks out the correctness of a distance, well, right in those moments I told myself: this is the perfect way to celebrate my 300 thousands friends in the Facebook. A kick, a goal.

Well. let’s say that it wasn’t exactly like that, even if you, guys,
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are important, but when I play I think only about the game.

But your affection is real special and it gives me a lot of strength. And I like thinking that everything went exactly like I described it: this goal is (also) for all of you.