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“Biblioteche oggi” è una rivista mensile di informazione professionale, che si rivolge ai bibliotecari e al mondo delle biblioteche. Strumento di servizio e di aggiornamento, propone articoli di attualità e di approfondimento, saggi di biblioteconomia, inchieste e reportage, spazi di discussione e rubriche. These include data on the use of library services (referred to the year 2015). From a quantitative point of view, the results that emerge are rather discouraging. They highlight a scenario whose

fundamental trait is attributable to the small number of visitors to Italian libraries. In Italy only 15% of Italians declare that to have been in a library at least once in the 12 months prior to the interview. Going beyond the purely quantitative dimension and starting from the characteristics, motivations and actions of the 8 million people attending contemporary Italian libraries, the article describes the characteristics of three different ways of using the library.

The widespread concern for librarians’ future is among the triggers of this paper. The aim of the article is to offer a non alarmist outline of the future for academic librarians, starting from the analysis of some library roles. Acquisition, cataloguing, lending, reference and information literacy librarians are placed under the lens, investigating what are the future implications of the modern technology available today. The pattern emerging from the paper shows that there is a future waiting for librarians, provided they will find further ways to cooperate (with other librarians, engineers, professors and students). Secondly, a more flexible vision of the librarians’ roles will be requested.

CLiC is a database that enables the import of enriched data. Born from the collaboration between Leggere and Comperio, the project led to the creation of interconnections between the publishing and bibliographic distribution and the networks of public libraries. The article shows the evolution of the project and then analyses the specific data and the theoretical approach used to design CLiC database. Data from the publishing world are processed and enriched by the staff of Leggere and then made available for libraries through the Comperio services. The idea is to improve data and metadata quality by increasing the semantic coverage of fiction works and by adding data that can respond to not only strictly bibliographic needs, and to implement the FRBR model through the import of the work network relations.

The article opens a dossier dedicated to the human libraries, who met for the first time in Italy on 6th October 2017. By now, this library is called “social library”.

The paper retraces the history of the relationships which led the library San Giorgio

of Pistoia, in October 2017, to be the seat of the conference on the operative human

libraries in Italy and to face the human library’s trademark. The piece analyzes also

the topic of the possible agreements between social library as a service and human

library as an event of cultural provocation, from the point of view of the inspiring values and the transformations which are able to support people’s ways of thinking. Moreover, he encourages to think about how the bookmen of human libraries hold out against the disappearance of the social skills in oral transmission, create events between theatre and life and have their common place in the library. These bookmen stimulate us to go beyond smartphones, Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter in order to look at ourselves: their culture is not anti technological, but a

proposal of reconstruction and creation of a right place for the “spoken speech” of life experience.

The conference about human libraries which took place in the Biblioteca San Giorgio in Pistoia on October 2017 gathered experiences of human library from all over Italy. This was the occasion for the organization of a human library offering 12 living books from different parts of the country. Each of them was borrowed about 3 4 times by a public of 55 readers. According to the survey distributed after the event, the 73% of readers had never taken part to a human library and the 97% of them was very satisfied about the event.
original louis vuitton Biblioteche oggi